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New website. New service.

We have upgraded our site, cut out SEO and SMM, concentrated on the design, started making mobile apps and introduced a new service — product localization.

Localization turned out to be a very interesting and broad topic, so we decided to dedicate our blog to it. And there is really much to talk about.

It is a rarity to meet a good localization. You can often find texts which do not fit in the buttons, not translated portions of interface and machine translations, which distort the meaning. With all that the use of localized products becomes uncomfortable.

Most apps still remain unlocalized. Many of them can be used in English, but it would be more convenient to use them in Russian.

Localization is not just a translation of the product to another language; it is a customization of the interface for different language groups with account of their cultural features. That’s why localization of the interface must be performed by professional linguists with scrupulous designers who know the value of sense.

The ice is broken, so in the next article we are going to correct the Instagram’s localization errors and then we will localize an unhackneyed weather app.

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