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Website for cooperative buying and online stores rental service Raduga Tovarov

We have created the cooperative buying and online stores rental web service «Raduga tovarov». The website allows the users to buy goods online, book orders, take part in cooperative buying and organize their own online shop.

The main page

On the main page there are popular items and items available for cooperative buying.

Tree link types used on the website

Green — items available for online buying.

Red — items you have to wait for after placing an order.

Blue — items available for cooperative buying, i.e. those items will be bought if a certain number of people place the same order.

How the customer’s service works

The catalog
Choosing the catalog’s category
Items categories
Choosing the item from the category
Loading page
Item’s detailed information and similar items
Shopping cart
All the items are conviniently sorted

The store’s page

Here is the information about the store and the items.

How the store’s service works

Data editing
Filling the information about a store after the registration
Adding an item
Filling the information about an item
Request page
Conviniently sorted requests won’t let you miss a thing
Manager monitors incoming user questions and replies on-the-fly

The manager’s interface

Website control panel is designed in such a way that the manager can easily perform all the necessary actions from one page.

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