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Website for Shop-agent online shopping service

Shop-agent is a service for international online shopping. The company used to work with the mail services and process hundreds of orders manually. We created a tool which helps the customers keep their orders organized and simplifies the manager’s job.

The main page

On the main page there is some info about the service and the advantages of international online shopping.

The illustration shows the purchase delivery process.

A brief guide on how to make a purchase on Shop-agent

Items that were delivered but not bought are on sale

How Shop-agent works

Just insert the link to the desired item, write a comment and choose the delivery destination. The system will process the order, add a picture, calculate the purchase cost in rubles at the current exchange rate, add service commission (10%) and hand it over to the manager. The manager will check the order, calculate shipping costs and confirm the order. You will only have to pay for it and wait for a delivery notification.

There can be several items in one order.

Track number allows you to monitor your order.


All orders are orderly organized. Each order has an indication of its current status. Notifications show the latest changes in orders.

All the balance changes are easily tracked with the help of notifications.

Orders management

Manager checks the items in the order and gradually puts it into following phases: paid, bought, shipped, and delivered. All the changes in the order are displayed through the notifications.

Tao-Bao Guide

We have made a detailed guide in how to navigate and choose items on Tao-Bao (Chinese Ebay).

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